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Be Brave


“BE BRAVE nothing can substitute experience”

With my amada laser i have had to learn to be patient and brave as these tools are to be used with extreme caution. I love building/fixing/creating anything and everything! In order to be creative you have to be BRAVE and take chances on designs that normally wouldn’t look good…we call this MODERN 🙂



Fell Lonely

Fell Lonely



“Without Courage All Virtues Lose Their Meaning” ~ Winston Churchill


I am a huge fan of Mediation Sayings! To me this is one of those knowledgeable sayings! I collect katana swords and when i use them i think of my meditation sayings so it calms me rather than wanting to fight. I am a huge fan of Twiggy collection as they have sooo many swords and knives! Check them out!

Unemployment Stats By State


TV is Technology

So i came across this site that is AWESOME! TV TUNER CARD. The information is about:

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AND MUCH MUCH MORE! Check it out…Comment….Show some love 🙂 I am all about supporting good sites!

Drug tests for money?

South Carolina legislation feels that the unemployed should be subjected to mandatory drug testing in order to get funds. I think this is a great idea but who would pay for it? This is an interesting story and a lot of people have an opinion. What do you think?

Read more at:


drug alcohol counseling

Worthwhile career links:

I found this website that has a ton of great career links in many different markets. I recommend anyone check it out and bookmark this page if you are looking for a job.